Skin & Beauty Care

  • Rubia cordifolia has a beneficial effect upon liver and good skin appearance.
  • Curcuma longa promotes healthy liver functions and blood circulation.
  • Pterocarpus santalinus contributes to blood purification and eliminates toxins.
  • Glycyrrhiza glabra has a positive effect on maintaining smooth and healthy skin.
  • Tinospora cordifolia supports the activity of liver, lipid metabolism and rejuvenation of the skin tissue.
  • Terminalia chebula enhances blood circulation and healthy complexion.

Food supplement 

Have a look at the natural collection of herbs and handmade production of teas in Nepal

Category: skin, acne, herpes, eczema, skin inflammations and infections, fungal infections, vaginal discharge, hemorrhoids, early stages of oncological therapy

Price: 6,90 €

NIMBA tea helped me with itchy eczema. I highly recommend!!!

Hana Horáková

NIMBA tea helped me with itchy eczema. I highly recommend!!!

Hana Horáková

Good morning. I bought your NIMBA tea for acne, which got much worse because of stress. After two month of drinking this herbal blend I completely got rid of the acne on my face. In addition, my menstruation pain reduced.

Adéla K.

According to your advice, I used PITTA tea with SVEDAPRASH elixir for 3 weeks and now I am at the end of the second week with NIMBA tea and also with SVEDAPRASH elixir. My skin has improved a lot. It is healed, new manifestations do not occur and I am satisfied.

Petr Dražan

Hello, I am using NIMBA tea for my skin problems. After several days of use, it removed skin itching and eruption was gone. In our family we use VARUNA tea for kidneys. It ridded us of infection bothering for a long period.

D. Mazačová


Let one teaspoon of herbal blend (cca 2g) simmer for 3–5 minutes or pour 250 ml of boiling water and allow 10 minutes infusion.

Recommended Dosage

2 cups a day


The Himalayan herbs are traditionally boiled for 3 to 5 minutes in case they serve as a remedy enhancing mental and bodily functions. Such decoction has stronger effect, milder taste and beneficially influences our digestion. The individual parts of the herbs (flowers, fruits, seeds, stalks, leaves, bark, rhizomes and roots) are purposely crushed and grounded into small parts, to achieve the best quality of Ayurvedic blends. If we use teas only for prevention, support or stimulation of the body, we can just let the herbs infuse.

For optimal effect of herbal decoction, we drink tea warm, preferably in the morning before breakfast, during the day one hour before meal and in the evening before going to bed for a period of duration of health disorders. Allow one week pause after finishing each tea box.

The specific taste of each tea is a part of its therapeutic effect and corresponds to the Ayurvedic health properties of six tastes. Thus any kind of sweetener is not recommended.

Dietary supplement. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Do not use as a substitute for a balanced diet. Store in a dry place under 25°C. Not convenient for children, pregnant and nursing women.


rubia cordifolia, curcuma longa, pterocarpus santalinus, glycyrrhiza glabra, tinospora cordifolia, cymbopogon citratus, terminalia chebula, terminalia bellirica, emblica officinalis, ocimum sanctum


100 g of loose tea

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