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Gift Collections

Present an original Ayurvedic collections in the form of healthy herbal preparations for strengthening and relaxation of the body.

We offer a wide selection of Gift Collections that focus on the healthy and harmonious functioning of the body according to Ayurvedic principles known and used for thousands of years:

  • a range for pleasant relaxation and refreshment, whether with a cup of delicious tea or with other products that contribute to the overall regeneration and refreshment of body and mind

  • a range for enhancing health and energy in terms of individual doshic constitution according to the 3 basic biological energies (doshas) Vata, Pitta and Kapha

  • a range of original flavours and aromas that will enchant and delight lovers of Indian culture and the Orient

All of our collections are gift wrapped in a cellophane, tied with a ribbon and include a small gift card with an envelope.

Gift Collections

Relaxation Gift Collection

Stylish tea cup and relaxation teabag set

-15% 12,75 €
original price: 15,00 €

Wellness Gift Collection

Ideal care for physical and mental health

-15% 32,39 €
original price: 38,10 €

Experience of Harmony

For Relaxation and Mental Well-being

-15% 17,17 €
original price: 20,20 €

Relaxing Day

For Calming and Balance

-15% 16,66 €
original price: 19,60 €

Good Health

For Revitalisation and Regeneration

-15% 16,15 €
original price: 19,00 €

Royal Refreshment

Black Spiced Tea and Mystical Fragrances

-15% 18,11 €
original price: 21,30 €

Magic of Orient

Green Spicy Tea and Enchanting Fragrances

-15% 18,11 €
original price: 21,30 €

Gift Bag

0,70 €