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Relaxation Gift Collection

Stylish tea cup and relaxation teabag set

  • Stylish Tea Cup made of glass with a volume of 300 ml is together with the original birch wood coaster wrapped in a gift box
  • Teabag Collection contains a set of 6 types of relaxation teas from Himalayan herbs for everyday use in 30 infusion bags

Stylish cup for the preparation of delicious relaxing mixtures of herbs suitable for calming, relaxation, refreshment, regeneration, strengthening and stimulation of the body. The simple preparation of herbal teas in teabags allows you to experience the true taste and aroma of Himalayan herbs on any occasion. Transfer yourself to the mountainous areas at the foot of the Himalayas, where people still go to collect precious herbs and prepare from them regenerating and refreshing drinks in a traditional way.

-15% Price: 12,75 €
original price: 15,00 €


Stylish tea cup: 1 pc, birch wood coaster: 1 pc, gift box: 1 pc, teabag collection (30 teabags of original herbal mixtures)