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Relaxing Day

For Calming and Balance

  • PITTA tea supports emotional balance and resistance to stress
  • AMALAKI bar PITTA contributes to energy metabolism and protects against oxidative stress
  • JACKFRUIT strengthens the vitality of the body during physical activity
  • JALA herbal aromatherapy - the element of water releases tension and promotes the peaceful flow of life energy

The Relaxing Day gift collection contains selected Ayurvedic products for overall calm and balance. The selected products promote emotional balance and harmonise the nervous system. They improve digestion and increase vitality. They help the day to flow naturally without excessive stress and physical exhaustion. Gift wrapped with an enclosed gift card, suitable for everyone.

-15% Price: 16,66 €
original price: 19,60 €


Ayurvedic dosha tea Pitta 1 pc, Ayurvedic nutrition Amalaki bar Pitta 1 pc, Ayurvedic dried fruit Jackfruit 1 pc, Ayurvedic herbal aromatherapy Vastu Jala 1 pc