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Royal Refreshment

Black Spiced Tea and Mystical Fragrances

  • Royal India Masala Chai – a delicious drink of black tea and Indian spices for a moment of relaxation and refreshment
  • GUAVA – rich source of vitamins and fresh energy
  • SHIVAJI – deeply soothing aromas of guggul myrrh, sage, cedar & sandalwood, rosemary, geranium and bitter orange
  • MIRA BAI – sweet mystical scent of incense, lavender, galbanum, cedar & sandalwood, acacia and lemongrass

The Royal Refreshment gift collection contains selected Ayurvedic products for good digestion and refreshment of body and mind. Black spiced tea and mystical scents offer a relaxing moment in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Gift wrapped with enclosed gift card, suitable for everyone.

-15% Price: 18,11 €
original price: 21,30 €


Ayurvedic tea Royal India Masala Chai 1 pcs, Ayurvedic dried fruit Guava 1 pcs, Ayurvedic herbal aromatherapy Shivaji 1 pcs, Ayurvedic herbal aromatherapy Mira Bai 1 pcs