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Your Testimonials

We've recently bought teas and elixirs from you .... and it's a daily joyous ritual to boil and drink some of them together ... thank you :) your company makes a very nice and trustworthy impression on us.


The Arjuna tea has been a saviour and I no longer have the symptoms associated with irregular heart rhythm. It is truly an amazing product.

Jillie T, New Zealand

I started using the Brahmi tea after I stopped the anti seizure medication (as it made me unable to study) The Brahmi tea helped calm the pinching that would happen where my calcified lesion is in my brain. I’m currently writing my thesis and will be done end of July.

Hello, I've been using your wonderful Manjishta tea for a couple of months now. It's helped me a lot. Thank you very much. Your website is great too.


I have a very good experience with the Kalamegha Tea. It relieved me of long-lasting eczema on my hands that could only be regulated by corticoids. I had to get used to the taste of the tea, but it worked very well.

Katka, Klabava

I found BRAHMI tea did help me, I feel I am less stressed and my concentration is improving.

John Walker, Burnley

I found TULSI tea offered relief from a sore throat problem.

John Walker, Burnley

Since I came to Salzburg from Spain I have found at the Vegan Restaurant, in the Franz Joseph Straße 3, the Ayurvedic Tees. I drink usually and regularly Tulsi and so many others tees that have made so good for me and my health at my 60. I consider to be the best to drink every day to be healthy. I invite to try and feel how it fits to body.

Ramon Borreguero, Salzburg

I commend you for your holistic products and your newly created website which you have so nicely put together. Your products appear to be quite sound, healthy and most certainly beneficial, as I have used some of them in the past myself. I feel that it is always a great and honourable thing to see my fellow humans, trying their utmost to serve their brothers and sisters, with the very best products, in order to enhance or benefit health. My gratitude to you for creating such a high standard of excellence here and I look forward to visiting again soon.

Manatita, London, UK

Good afternoon, I had a herniated disc, very painful. After one week of drinking Gokshura, I started to feel a profound relief. I stopped using pills and could not believe it - it worked!

Having a cough I drank Tulsi, I used to have severe coughs for long time and allopathic remedies did not help me. The tea improved my breathing immediately, I could sleep at night and in 14 days cough was gone.


I suffered from insomnia many years. I started to drink Ashwagandha and now sleep like a baby. I wake up first at five and often only with alarm clock. To all insomnia people, I strongly recommend. Thank you that you exist and help!

Good morning, I started to prepare Sarpagandha tea for high blood pressure for my husband. He uses pills and his bl.pressure kept increasing. After one week of tea use, the pressure reduced to 125. Thank you for importing the teas.


I have tried Nimba tea for skin problems and I swear by it, I am going to try other teas as well!


I use Nimba tea for skin. I had a skin disorders and nothing helped. After two or three months of drinking this tea, my complexion looks much better.

Zuzka, Košice

Good morning, I drink Alochaka, I work on computer daily and underwent a surgery. I bought it in one shop and since that time I have been buying it regularly and using it to my full satisfaction.

Hello, Ranjaka tea improved my spleen, digestion disorders. One month of regular use took care of it.


I have been buying Pitta tea for years. It has helped me a lot. Many times. I buy other teas for my family and recommend them to many people. I dislike chemical pills, so thank you for these teas.

Lída Veselá, Jičín

Hello, I have tried already 4 teas altogether:NIMBA, ABHAYA, BHRINGARAJ and KANTAKARI and all had favourable effects, so I recommend them. I also thank the producers and importers of the teas!

Lucie Švestková

I suffered from rental colic. Antibiotics did not work. Only after regular use of Varuna and diet adjustment, my problems disappeared. It helped also my partner who had an urinary tract inflammation. I thank you on behalf of us two!!

Chyawanprash helped me to get rid of constipation which I had been suffering from for 14 years! Already after three days I started to eliminate once a day. Now after two months my digestion is absolutely all right. My weight also reduced by 3 kg and the atopic eczema vanishes!

I have been buying your teas for many years, they help me in my serious illness. They are fantastic and I am delighted to visit your online shop where I can choose from all assortment at one place and do not have to go to different stores.

I can recommend Prana tea. With regular use three times a day plus activity.


After tasting your Chywanprash I must say that it is absolutely unique. It is very tasteful, has a strong herbal effect on physical and mental health. It rejuvenates the body and gives energy. It is great! Thank you.

Lukáš Kumprecht, Praha

Hello, I got a cold so I bought Tulsi tea. Right after the second use, my nose released, sore throat dissapeared and the cough stopped. I recommend to all who are sick.

F. Špegár