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Your Testimonials

Hi, from childhood I suffered from allergy to everything that is sour - rash on palms. For 14 days I was drinking GAURI daily and after I ate an orange, nothing happened. My mum cured her mildew on legs. It is great!GAURI


My father-in-law has diabetes and is already injecting insulin. He received MAHAPHALA tea from us as a gift. And even though he is not very inclined to the alternative, he is interested in another pack of tea, because the doctor told him that his condition had improved .. :-)

A. Vejříková, Beroun

I visited the doctor for two years and complained about constant coughing. The doctors did not find anything and did not give anything. Then I bought TULSI tea and even though I hadn't finished one box yet, I don't cough anymore. Is it a miracle? No - it's the TULSI effect. And as a bonus, it's quite tasty - for cloves. It's my favorite tea now.TULSI

Horová, Rokycany

I am very happy with the tea. I could discontinue the use of pills for calming my nerves and I feel more contented and relaxed. I am gonna keep buying it and I recommend it to all.RAJANI

Pavla J.

I have a pollen allergy. I undertook a 7 year long treatment on imunology, but nothing happened. I started to drink DALCHINI and after two days all symptoms were gone. I don't know if it can be a miracle, but I think so :)DALCHINI

Slávka, Košice

I have been buying your teas for many years, they help me in my serious illness. They are fantastic and I am delighted to visit your online shop where I can choose from all assortment at one place and do not have to go to different stores.SHALARI

Radka N.

I drink ASHWAGANDHA tea twice a day. It is amazing, no pills for sleep, only herbs and I must say I do not like herbal teas, but this one is not bad, I like it and it tastes good. I recommend it.


After the vaccination of jaundice, I started an atopic exem, the allergist and doctors did not help, they found nothing and they deny the connection with the vaccination, after three years, VARUNA tea for the kidneys helped. Thank you


I drink your teas to stay healthy, the doctors have been treating me for 3 years without success. I tried your teas as a last resort and I didn't believe that the miracle had become a reality and I had no problems at all, I thank nature and the people who deal with it and prepare medicinal tea mixtures.VYANA

Dana, Zdiby-Brnky

SARAGANDHA tea was recommended to me by a nurse in the store and I must say that the pressure has returned to normal. I also tried GOTU KOLA tea for my father for dementia and it is really effective. When he started coughing, I bought him PRANA tea and I must say that after the first tea, the cough subsided significantly, and the next night he could sleep more peacefully, because the cough did not wake him up. My father was 80 years old and I was afraid he would get pneumonia. Tea is also to be applied during this disease, and I just have to confirm that the tea helped. So I started to believe that teas really help and now we have more teas for our hair, stomach, heart and we are about to buy tea for sleep, blood vessels, muscles and more. I definitely believe in the power of nature. Thank you for making these teas available in Slovakia. I've also tried dried fruits in the past, and they're incredibly juicy and tasty.PRANAGOTU KOLA

Dagmar, Pača

I am very excited about the teas. After ASHWAGANDHA tea I sleep like a baby. When being attacked by a viruses, after drinking KATPHALA, fever reduced, sore throat disspeared and energy level increased with no use of pills!ASHWAGANDHAKATPHALA

Klára S.

I have tried NIMBA tea for skin problems and I swear by it, I am going to try other teas as well!


I would like to thank for NAGARA tea, thanks to which I got rid of my problems. I observed the positive effects in five days. And not only did I get rid of that inflammation, but also the feeling of cold hands and feet. I also have significantly cleaner skin.NAGARA


Good day. I have a very good experience with JATAMANSI tea. Due to difficult life problems, I began to have insomnia and anxiety, which later turned into depression. At first I tried ASHWAGANDHA tea for insomnia, but unfortunately I was already at the stage where my hands were shaking, I felt tense for 24 hours and had a fluctuating mood, so ASHWAGANDHA only helped a little, it was my fault, because I choose not quite a suitable tea to my health problems. I only felt real relief after trying JATAMANSI. It worked for me to combine JATAMANSI and ASHWAGANDHA or ASHWAGANDHA and RAJANI teas. RegardsJATAMANSIRAJANI

Alex, Praha

I must praise your teas RANJAKA, SHATAWARI, VIDANGA and ASHOKA and from elixirs ARTHAVAPRASH. They work great, I'm excited!RANJAKAASHOKAARTHAVAPRASH


I would like to share my experience with SLESAKA tea for joints. I worked in the mountains in Norway and carried 50 kg of food and started to feel the joints. I drank 2-3 cups after 4 days and the pain went completely. I've been drinking it for 7 years. Thank youSLESAKA


Hello, I have been using APANA already for three months, always two days before the menstrual cycle and I do not have to use any pills for pain relief. Common herbal teas were not working. Thank you very much.APANA

M. Matoušková

I have tried APANA for menstrual problems for the first time. It was pain relieving and it restored my vitality. I drank it two times a day for three days before menstrual cycle and two days during the period. I recommend it!

Oldřiška J.

I suffered from unpleasant diarrheas and digestion problems for several weeks. Regular pharmacy medicine was completely ineffective. With SHUNTHI my problem was gone shortly! This tea, compared to other gastric teas, is very tasty.SHUNTHI


With regular use of SARPAGANDHA tea, I managed to reduce hypertension by an average of about 20 mmHg and my doctor is no longer threatening me with pills. I am convinced that the power of nature wins. Thank you!SARPAGANDHA

Otto, Turnov

For me, your teas are excellent companions of the my life pilgrimage, really :) And I am proud that it is a Czech-Slovak-Nepalese community. Thank you very much from the heart.MOUNTAIN STRENGTH

Petr Dušek, Stehelčeves

In the past, I used PACHAKA as a nutritional supplement because it is used to treat smoking addiction, so I have now ordered KUDZU tea, and I can confirm that I have reduced sweets, pastries, chocolate to zero, in addition to its relaxing effect on muscles.PACHAKAKUDZU

Eva, Levice

I recommend PACHAKA tea. I have been suffering from a pain under my left rib - stomach or spleen problem. After a few days' use, the pain was gone. The effect is amazing. Now I am trying BHRINGARAJ for hair.PACHAKA


I am satisfied with teas and elixirs as well.MAMSAPRASHSHUKRAPRASH


I want to thank you for adding CHYAWANPRASH to your offer. This elixir is fantastic. I got him once in India, but could not find him later here. Now I am very happy to buy it in Slovakia as well.