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Your Testimonials

Since I came to Salzburg from Spain I have found at the Vegan Restaurant, in the Franz Joseph Straße 3, the Ayurvedic Teas. I drink TULSI regularly and so many other teas that have made so good to me and my health at my 60. I consider it to drink them every day to stay healthy. I invite all to try and feel how it fits to the body.

Ramon Borreguero, Salzburg

Hello, some time ago my doctor diagnosed me with high blood pressure. I found out about your teas and tried SARPAGANDHA. After 14 days, the pressure began to normalise, after drinking tea, it stays normal. Thank you for the possibility of using your tea, which helped me a lot.

Běla, Plzeň

Dear Sirs, my father applies therapy with Your diabetes tea, and results are very, very good (3,8). Thank You.MAHAPHALA

M. Miladinovic

Hello, my grandmother has many health troubles. One of them is insufficient blood supply to her legs. She wakes at night in pain, but nothing helps her. After she tried your tea (VYANA) she feels much better. Thanks for her.VYANA

N. K.

Hello, my lymph node on arms, legs and spine were swollen – unbearable pain, it lasted for two month. After drinking KATPHALA tea the pain reduced and my nodes got smaller. Fantastic effect. Thanks.KATPHALA


Hello, I am using now your BRAHMI tea-memory and KALAMEGHA tea-liver and I am very pleased with them. The herb combination in your teas is a pleasure also for the soul. Thank you.BRAHMIKALAMEGHA

Ing. Zdeněk Klouček, Žatec

I am a medical doctor in Prague, Czech Republic. I work at a university hospital. Thanks to Everest Ayurveda company I had the opportunity to see or to hear of almost miraculous effects that your herb mixtures may have in some cases.GOTU KOLAAMLA drink ROSEAMLA drink LOTUSAMLA drink SHATAVARIMANOPRASHMUTRAPRASH

MUDr. Marie Mášková

Hello. I would never believe that GOKSHURA tea can sort out my health problems with cervical spine. I am so happy I don`t have any more problems and keep drinking Gokshura. I strongly recommend it to all.GOKSHURA

Tomáš Katrnák, Znojmo

Dear sir or madam, while travelling your beautiful country a few weeks ago I bought some of the above mentioned tea and it seems to have a very favourable affect on blood/glucose level. Thank you.MAHAPHALA

Emile van Rijswijk, Picton, New Zealand

We talked about my surgery and you recommended me NIMBA tea. I finished two packages. Though I had to undergo the surgery, the tea helped to cleanse my blood and the after surgery examination turned out very well.

Květa Nováková

Hello. I started drinking your teas a month ago and I feel a change. I am not as nervous as I was before and I sweat less too. I drink your teas as part of my water intake, two types of tea a day, 4-5 cups.DHANYAKA

Kovácsová Ildikó, Bratislava

Hello, I brought VIDANGA- Slim tea from my vacation a month ago and I am very happy with it. After a few weeks I lost 3 kilograms.VIDANGA

A. Vaškovský, Hradec Králové

Hello, I had a big problem with sleep, I started drinking ASHWAGANDHA tea and I sleep all night like a baby. ThanksASHWAGANDHA

T. K.

Hello, I have tried VIDANGA tea for losing weight and it really works. Thank you very much.


Hello, I have been using VARUNA for kidney disorders. It improved my kidney condition as well as my atopic eczema.VARUNA

D. Dostálová

Hello, I have tried your weight reduction tea and it really helps, thank you. Regards

Jeřábková M.

Hello, I bought your RANJAKA tea and it is doing me good (for fatigue and irritation). Thanks

S. Juránková

Hello, I regularly buy teas from your offer (KUDZU, BRAHMI) and I am very satisfied with them. RegardsKUDZU

J. Packa

I have been using teas for some time. They are effective for good sleep, calming down, concentration and harmonization, they cleanse blood and remove hemorrhoids. He who came up with these blends must have been a genius.BRAHMIHARMONY ELIXIRBIHARI


Hello. I am very happy with your teas. I have tried several of them and all of them were super. ThanksHIMALAYAN RECREATION

L. Hrabálková

I bought a tea for good sleep and it really works!!!! I recommend dearly.


I suffered from a stomach disorder accompanied by diarrhea and stomach cramps for a few days. However I ate one package of AMALAKI fruit. It managed to stop my diarrhea and rid me of the stomach pain. Excellent, I recommend it!AMLA fruit NaturalAMLA fruit GingerAMLA fruit CardamomAMLA fruit CinnamonAMLA fruit Lemongrass

Pataka Špaček

Hello, I have been using your tea for a long time and I think they really help me with all possible troubles :) Thank you and I wish you a nice day.SHATAPUSHPIHIMALAYAN RECREATION

Sabina Spurná

Hello, I am using NIMBA tea for my skin problems. After several days of use, it removed skin itching and eruption was gone. In our family we use VARUNA tea for kidneys. It ridded us of infection bothering for a long period.NIMBA

D. Mazačová

Hello, I have been buying your teas for a long time and I deal with a very nice and capable sales representative. She tries to provide me with lot of information, unlike other companies.

Hanslová Zdena, Nové Město na Moravě