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I am very satisfied with products from your company, which is why I gave them to my family and friends under the Christmas tree this year.Immunity & Good DigestionImmunity & Stress Relief Immunity & Body Rejuvenation Immunity & Liver Detox Immunity & Body Fitness Immunity & Joint Resilience Immunity & Acidity Reduction Immunity & Airways Immunity & Skin Beauty Immunity & Mental Health Immunity & Woman Care


I have noticed that since drinking AMALAKI and eating your dried fruit, my hair has stopped falling. I'm even growing new ones and I haven't experienced that in about 15 years. Thank your team for offering people these miracles of nature and human help. For me your products are the real miracle. MANJISTHA tea is perfect for viruses and bacteria. At least one cup I take a day. Your dried MANGO is an absolute delicates! I have never had better! Thank your team for offering people this miracles of nature and human help. Gratefully, Marta Brabcova, PragueMANGO dried fruit

Marta Brabcová

Whole month through I was honestly using ABHAYA for cholesterol reduction. In the beginning: 9,4, after one month use three times a day and an evening pill: 5,2. Thanks a lot.ABHAYA

Irena Štěpánová

Hello, I am 25 years old and as a regular blood donator, I was often told by the blood transfusion centre, that I do not have a good blood. Since the time I use your teas they have not complained to me anymore. Thank you very much.

Michal T.

I have an experience with tea for strong menstrual pain and it helped me a lot. I do not have to use any pills, only 2 or 3 times a day I drink this tea, I feel much better. Thank you very much.


The problem of cold was solved right after drinking the first tea. I am excited and where I go, I have been recommending it for already two years.

Marcela, Hradec Králové

I had hot flushes due to the starting menopause. I tried your tea, and it helped, and I also got other teas and elixirs for colds, muscle relief, TRIPHALA tea, and teas and elixirs for joints. I'm excited, and I also have delicious drinks, strangely, they taste for me, although there's TURMERIC or MORINGA in them, which I don't like at all. Thank you.ASTHIPRASH

T. Suchopárková, Mělník

I would like to share my experience with DHATAKI tea for heavy menstruation. This tea helped me a lot for the incredibly severe pain and cramps that I had during every single period of menstruation and for which I often had to stay at home lying down. Nothing helped me, I tried many drugs and teas, but my body reacted to everything by refusing it and it was even worse. This tea is the only one that helped me. I drink it a few days before menstruation and also on the first day of heavy menstruation, my pain is only light and I can function normally. I recommend it to all women who have such problems.DHATAKI


The tea works! My daddy had 8,5 - 12 index. After one month use, index went to 7. I recommend it!MAHAPHALA

Žofie V.

Hi, I use ARJUNA tea for heart activity for two months. I have an arrhythmia and the tea helped me. I do not feel irregular palpitation and I am feeling well.ARJUNA


APANA tea gives relief from pain, after two cups there is no need to use pills. Also MEDHIKA for nursing was really helpful when I had little milk.MEDHIKA

Anežka D.

Hello, I have been a cancer patient on hormonal treatment for three years. I use SHATAWARI tea as a supplement. It helps me a lot and I feel great. I recommend to everyone with the same problem. I drink twice a day as part of a drinking regime.

Jaroslava Drožová, Praha

KATPHALA tea is great when "something is creeping up on me". As soon as I feel the symptoms of the flu, KATPHALA tea works in one hour and heals as much as possible. Thanks to the tea, I avoided many ailments. I also praise AMALAKI drinks very much. When I feel exhausted, I have a sip and after a while I'm alert. I noticed that since I was drinking amalaki and eating your dried fruit, my hair had stopped falling out. I'm even growing new and I haven't experienced that in about 15 years. It's a real miracle for me. MANJISHTA tea is great for viruses and bacteria. I will have at least one cup a day. Your dried mango is an absolute delicacy. I hadn't had better. Thank you for offering these natural miracles that help people. With gratitude Marta Brabcová, Prague 5KATPHALAMANJISHTAMANGO dried fruit

Marta Brabcová, Praha

Hello! Doctors found a degeneration in my spine with terrible pain. After a week of taking GOKSHURA tea, I began to feel relieved, I stopped taking medications and did not believe - it worked.

Patrik R.

Hello, I bought ayurvedic tea NIMBA and have been using it for one month now and the complexion improved excellently. The acne also disappeared. This tea is having "A" from me!


Good morning, I would like to state, that I am satisfied with your products very much as they have always helped me.ARTHAVAPRASHPRANAPRASH

M. Adamkova

The teas are great. I use them for urinary disorders. No need for antibiotics. Thank you.


I would like to thank you for NAGARA tea. I got rid of my problems, the positive effects I observed already after five days. Not only I ridded of the inflammation but also of the feeling of cold hands and legs. My skin is also purer.NAGARA

Veronika N.

Hello good morning with joy from my short experience I can say that I love all fruits, they are magnificent as snacks and that MEDAPRASH elixir reduces appetite, KAPHA tea gives energy.MEDAPRASHKAPHAMANGO dried fruitJACKFRUIT dried fruitPAPAYA dried fruit


I am very happy with the JATAMANSI tea. Finally, I was able to stop taking my nervous system sedatives, I feel happier, more relaxed. I will buy another package, I recommend it to everyone.JATAMANSI


After tasting your CHYAWANPRASH I must say that it is absolutely unique. It is very tasteful, has a strong herbal effect on physical and mental health. It rejuvenates the body and gives energy. It is great! Thank you.CHYAWANPRASH

Lukáš Kumprecht, Praha

Before I tried Everest Ayurveda teas, there had not been a tea that would have helped me. Your teas represent part and parcel of my home first-aid kit and I keep myself fascinated by the effects. I cannot be without UDANA after work.UDANA

Jan Mazanec, zdravotní masáže Praha 6

Having a cough I drank TULSI, I used to have severe coughs for long time and allopathic remedies did not help me. The tea improved my breathing immediately, I could sleep at night and in 14 days cough was gone.TULSI


Have a nice day, thank you :). The teas are really amazing and most importantly - they help !!!! After a week of honest drinking, the first quality result. It was my last rescue ....DHANYAKA

B. Baumruková, Čechtice

I found BRAHMI tea did help me, I feel I am less stressed and my concentration is improving.BRAHMI

John Walker, Burnley