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Ayurvedic Immunity Sets

Ayurvedic Immunity Sets consist of selected combinations of natural Ayurvedic products, which are based on the exceptional Ayurvedic fruit Amalaki. This fruit has a high amount of antioxidants and vitamin C, resulting in a strong healing effect on the immune system. It helps to purify the digestive tract and nourishes bodily tissues. It is traditionally used in the form of Ayurvedic herbal elixirs such as Chyawanprash and other types of such preparations, in the form of finely ground powder, or as dried fruit for direct consumption.

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Immunity Sets are designed to strengthen the immune system at a deeper level where the true resistance of the body is formed. According to Ayurveda, the body’s resistance is an energetic shield, that is created by a gradual process of metabolism. This happens when the necessary substances from our daily diet, nourish the bodily tissues that make up our physical body. At the very end of the nourishment process, a subtle energetic substance, called ojas, is formed which is responsible for the complete vitality, strength, endurance, energy and immunity of the body. It provides active protection against viruses, bacteria and infections and represents the deepest principle of immunity of all human bodily tissues in the form of mental and physical health.