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Immunity & Skin Beauty

Easy to Use Source of Vitamins & Antioxidants

  • AMLA drink ROSE contributes to the purity of skin and its revitalization. It has beneficial effects upon its overall perfusion and youthful appearance. Its content of vitamin C promote the production of collagen for the proper functioning of skin tissue and strengthens the immune system.
  • SVEDAPRASH acts as an internal agent for skin care. It helps with blood purification and contributes to the purity of skin. It enhances skin regeneration and promotes healthy vitality of the skin tissue.
  • PAPAYA contains vitamins that promote good skin appearance, stimulates the immune system and help to protect cells from oxidative stress.

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I am praising you for your holistic products and your newly created website which you have so nicely put together. Your products appear to be quite sound, healthy and most certainly beneficial, as I have used some of them in the past myself. I feel that it is always great thing to see my fellow humans, trying their utmost to serve their brothers and sisters, with the very best products, in order to enhance their health. My gratitude to you for creating such a high standard of quality here and I look forward to visiting again soon.

Manatita, London, UK

A pure skin serves as an indicator of the healthy internal environment and theimmune system of the body. The overall appearance of the skin is influenced by the quality and composition of our diet, the purity of the blood and the intestinal tract, as well as sufficient fluid intake. Skin allergies, eczema and infections are caused by weakened immunity of the intestinal flora, impaired liver function and an unhealthy lifestyle.Healthy skin also radiates inner brightness and beauty, coming from a calm mind, harmonious breathing, body relaxation and mental balance. Learn more about the inner nature of beauty.


Ayurvedic hot drink: to get a healthy and tasty drink, mix 1 teaspoon (cca 2g) of finely ground blend in 250 ml of warm water and add honey to your taste. The powder can also be added to smoothies and fresh juices.

Ayurvedic elixir: 1 teaspoon (5g) 2–3x daily seperately or with a cup of lukewarm milk or water. To prepare a drink, mix 1 teaspoon in 8 fl oz (250 ml) of warm water.

Recommended Dosage

Recommended dosage of the Ayurvedic drink: 2–3 cups a day

Recommended dosage of the elixir: 1 teaspoon 2–3x daily

Recommended dosage of the fruit: 10 slices a day


Amla drink Rose: 1 pc, Ayurvedic purifying elixir Svedaprash: 1 pc, Papaya: 1pc