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What is human beauty hidden in?

The Ayurvedic healing system arose from a deep knowledge of herbs and spices that strengthen health and the resulting natural beauty.

Thousands of years ago, some Indian sages (rishis), the authors of today's traditional Ayurvedic recipes, were invited to the royal court to share with their kings spiritual wisdom and knowledge in the field of healing methods gained through many years of meditation and meditation in solitary places. Rulers were often abducted by the noble appearance of holy men, who, though very simply clothed, radiated deep peace, compassion, and light from their faces.

Holistic philosophy of beauty

In Indonesia, where the principles of Ayurvedic medicine soon spread from India, the holistic philosophy of "Ngadi Sarira" emerged during the royal dynasties in the 18th century, which spoke of the important duty of keeping one's body always in perfect shape. However, it was not only outer beauty, but also inner beauty: "jasmani", our physical body shines when one feels good and is satisfied with oneself, and this light creates natural beauty. Javanese princesses then prepared their own herbal and floral mixtures to preserve not only a beautiful face, but also a mind. For example, beautiful and healthy lips were considered the result of beautiful speech (wacika), which was based on beautiful thoughts (manacika).

Balance of inner and outer reality

This philosophy of beauty says that once one understands one's true nature and learns to live according to the laws of nature and the universe, one can attain bodily health, beauty, and enough energy and enthusiasm for life. At the core of this holistic philosophy is the ancient formula "Rupasampat wahya bhiantara": a balance between what is hidden inside and what exists on the outside.

The secret of human beauty is thus hidden in the harmonious consonance and fulfillment of the three principles of life and needs at the level of body (kama datu), mind (rupa datu) and soul (arupa datu). The mutual balance between them is a basic prerequisite for true beauty and a happy life.

This ancient teaching then speaks of the highest beauty as the perfect manifestation of the seven most important human virtues at the level of the physical body: truth (sathya), love (prema), honesty (dharma), peace (shanti), tolerance (sahana), joy (ananda) and spirituality (svan ubh uti).

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