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Join the Ayurvedic Purification IV. - Kidneys & Urinary Tract

The end of winter and the beginning of spring is a good time for overall detoxification of the body. Our series on Ayurvedic cleansing has already focused on Lymph & Blood Detox, the Intestinal Tract Detox, and Cleansing of the Skin, and now we are also introducing the important detox for the kidneys and urinary tract.

Kidney and Urinary Tract Function

The kidneys control the body's water consumption. Its retention is caused by excessive salt consumption, which weakens the proper function of the kidneys. This can then manifest itself in problems in the lumbar spine, knees and joints.

Excess water, as liquid waste filtered by the kidneys, is excreted in the urine, which is one of the three main waste products of the body, as well as feces and sweat. Healthy excretion through the colon is essential for the proper functioning of vata dosha, urine excretion is regulated by pitta dosha and kapha dosha is responsible for the process of sweating.

The Ayurvedic Meaning of Excretion

Ayurvedic medicine uses effective herbal remedies to ensure good and regular bowel movements, as many psychosomatic disorders stem from accumulated pollution in the colon, where the last stage of the digestive process takes place. This is also where the pranic energy that is released from the daily diet is absorbed into the body and affects overall health and vitality. Also, fluid is absorbed by the colon and then eliminated from the body through the kidneys and bladder. Regular cleansing and proper functioning of the kidneys and colon is therefore very important for good physical health, mental balance and an optimistic perception of life.

How to Support Kidneys and Urinary Tract?

Regular drinking regimen, proper fluid temperature, regular bowel movements, not retaining urine and taking appropriate Ayurvedic preparations are recommendations that can effectively and quickly benefit the kidneys and urinary tract. For complete cleansing of the kidneys and urinary tract, we recommend taking the Ayurvedic Health Therapy Kidneys & Urinary Tract Detox.

The therapy contributes to the overall cleansing of the kidneys and urinary tract caused by, for example, excessive use of salt and stimulants such as alcohol, coffee and other, insufficient fluid intake, disruption of water metabolism, weakened kidney function, water retention, irregular excretion, colds, fear or psychological stress. In order for the Ayurvedic therapy to work for you, take the recommended therapy for 3-4 weeks, following the simple basic rules mentioned below.

Ayurvedic Detox Therapy

  • Duration: 3-4 weeks

  • Usage: 2 - 3 times a day

  • When: in the morning before breakfast, during the day 1h before or after meals and in the evening before bedtime

Ayurvedic Therapy Kidneys & Urinary Tract Detox

This therapy includes Varuna tea, which has a beneficial effect on cleansing and healthy function of the kidneys and urinary tract. Thanks to the content of white sandalwood, anemone, fennel and other Ayurvedic herbs, it contributes to the optimal functioning of the kidneys and urinary tract.

The therapy then includes 2 pcs of Mutraprash cleansing elixir for deeper cleansing of the kidneys and overall normalization of kidney and urinary tract function. The Ayurvedic herbs contained in combination with the nutritious vitamin C rich amalaki fruit have a beneficial effect on uric acid levels, normal prostate and urinary tract function and maintaining a problem free urinary system.

Dosage and Preparation of Ayurvedic Health Therapy

Always brew the herbal tea for 3-5 minutes, it is much more effective than simply infusing the herbal mixture with hot water. 1 teaspoon of the mixture is for 250 ml of water (one cup). However, you can brew a larger amount of tea for the whole day and keep it in thermos. Always drink the tea warm.

Just scoop the herbal elixir onto a teaspoon and eat it. Take 1 teaspoon 2 - 3 times a day with the Ayurvedic tea. It is always good to take the elixir with a tea, it is better absorbed this way. You can also take it with warm water or plant milk. Cow's milk is not recommended for cleansing, unlike revitalizing and regenerating treatments.

Recommended Regime During the Cleansing Therapy

The cleansing process in the body is of course helped by movement, which itself has natural detoxifying effects. It benefits a faster metabolism, where the intestines are emptied more easily.

It promotes perspiration and the elimination of harmful waste products from the body and oxygenates all cells, which can better receive the necessary nutrients, but also prana - one of the three life energies (the other two are tejas and ojas), which maintains the vital functions of the body such as breathing, cardiovascular system and brain activity.

The most important time of day for targeted cleansing is the morning. Here are 3 basic steps to follow upon waking:

  • Empty yourself and take a shower (the body excretes waste substances through the skin overnight).
  • Drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice and do a breathing exercise for 5 minutes to give your mind calm and positive energy: breathe very slowly and quietly - so that if someone put a thin thread in front of your nose, it wouldn't move. And when you breathe out, try to breathe out even more slowly than you breathed in.
  • Drink a cup of cleansing Ayurvedic tea along with a teaspoon of herbal elixir (wait at least 30 minutes before having breakfast to allow the herbal preparations to be well absorbed).

At the same time, we recommend light jogging or fast walking at least 3 times a week. Go to bed before midnight.

Diet During Detox

For the duration of the detox therapy, leave out meaty and dairy foods from your diet. If you are used to them, try to significantly reduce their consumption - this alone will be a relief for the body. Also try to limit your intake of chocolate, biscuits and sweets containing white sugar. Replace these snacks with fresh or dried fruit without preservatives, unsalted nuts and fresh vegetables. Also keep a sufficient supply of clean water and avoid coffee, alcohol, stimulants and sugary sodas.

The cleansing process may bring with it temporary accompanying symptoms such as headache, tiredness and heaviness of the limbs. The uncomfortable feeling is associated with the elimination of toxins out of the body. However, if you persevere, the detox along with exercise and a light fresh diet will bring you more energy and stronger health.

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