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Join the Ayurvedic Purification III. - Beautiful Skin

The third part of the cleansing series completes our spring Ayurvedic cleansing - after the March cleansing of the lymph and liver and the April cleansing of the intestines from allergens, we bring you a tip for the final cleansing that will benefit your skin.

After the spring detoxification months comes a period that enters the summer and with it the months that Ayurveda considers ideal for the revitalization of the body. At this time, the purified body should strengthen itself well and restore its bodily functions through targeted revitalization therapy, which Ayurveda calls rasayana. This rejuvenating therapy is intended to bring nutrition to the body tissues, which, thanks to a properly functioning metabolism (cleansed of toxins and waste substances - ama), constantly regenerate and strengthen the formation of ojas (the essence of the immune system).

We have again prepared two treatments for May, from which you can choose. Both act as an internal means of skin care and are therefore used internally. They are cleansing and at the same time revitalize skin tissue.

The Ayurvedic herbs that the products contain cleanse the blood and thus the skin according to a simple Ayurvedic rule - the quality and purity of blood is reflected in the quality and purity of the skin. Skin tissue disorders such as acne, eczema, rashes, aphthae, cold sores, mycoses and the like are therefore associated with the presence of toxic substances in the blood. There they get from the key organs of our metabolism, especially from the liver and colon.

To make your Ayurvedic skin treatment impress you, take one of the recommended treatments for 3-4 weeks, following the simple basic rules mentioned below.

Ayurvedic detoxification treatment

  • Duration: 3-4 weeks
  • Use: 2-3 times a day
  • When: in the morning on an empty stomach, during the day 1 hour before or after a meal and in the evening before bedtime

Ayurvedic Treatments Suitable for MAY

Choose from two options according to your own health condition and need:

1. Detoxification of blood and skin

Part of this treatment is Gauri tea, which eliminates toxins from the bloodstream. Thanks to the content of turmeric and other Ayurvedic herbs with similar effects, it has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and reduces, for example, the presence of candida in the body's organs. It is also excellent for skin mycoses and fungi. The white sandalwood contained has a direct effect on both the purity of the blood and the good condition of the skin and the overall relaxation of the body and mind. Another of the herbs contained, cinnamon, maintains normal blood sugar levels. This tea also relieves hemorrhoids.

The treatment includes two elixirs - nutritional Raktaprash for liver regeneration and restoration of healthy blood tissue, as well as cleansing Svedaprash, which is in charge of nutrition and skin cleanliness. For the first 10 - 14 days of the treatment, take Raktaprash elixir with Gauri tea and then go to Svedaprash. Always drink elixirs with Ayurvedic tea or warm water.

2. Skin care

An alternative to the previous treatment is the combination of Nimba tea with the Svedaprash elixir. Nimba tea is a deep blood purifier and its use has a beneficial effect not only on blood circulation and good skin condition, its purity and radiance. It is also one of our best women's teas - it regulates the menstrual cycle, helps with vaginal discharges, cysts and the initial stages of oncological problems. Svedaprash elixir is then a strong antioxidant for the vitality of skin tissue, it acts preventively against the formation of wrinkles and pigment spots. The herbs contained, including the Ayurvedic manjishta, strongly cleanse and regenerate the skin and relieve atopic dermatitis, itchy skin, psoriasis, eczema, hives and rashes.

We recommend applying pure sesame oil to the skin for both treatments.

Hello, I bought Nimba tea, originally for acne, after about two months of drinking this mixture, the "rash" completely disappeared from my face, in addition, my menstrual pain also eased. I am very satisfied with this tea. Thank you.

Sincerely, Adela K.

Use and Preparation of Ayurvedic Health Treatments

The herbal tea always brew for 3-5 minutes, it is much more effective than just leaching an herbal mixture poured with hot water. 1 teaspoon of the mixture is intended for 250 ml of water (one cup). But you can make more tea to make it enough for the whole day. Always drink tea warm (you can store in a thermos).

The herbal elixir you just take on a teaspoon and eat it. Take 1 teaspoon 2-3 times a day with Ayurvedic tea to drink. It is always good to drink the elixir, so it is better absorbed. You can also drink it with warm water or vegetable milk. Unlike revitalization and regeneration treatments, we do not recommend cow's milk during cleansing.

Recommended Mode During the Cleansing Treatment

The cleansing process in the body is of course, aided by movement, which in itself has natural detoxifying effects. It contributes to a faster metabolism, when the intestines are easier to empty.

It supports sweating and the excretion of harmful waste products from the body and oxidizes all cells, which are better able to get the necessary nutrients, but also prana - one of the three life energies (the other two are tejas and ojas), which maintains vital functions such as respiration, activity cardiovascular system and brain activity.

In the case of targeted cleansing, the most important time of day is the morning. Here are 3 basic steps you should follow after waking up:

  •     Empty and take a shower (the body excretes waste products through the skin overnight).
  •     Drink a glass of warm water with lemon and perform 5 minutes of breathing exercises that give the mind peace and positive energy: breathe very slowly and quietly - so that if someone gave you a thin thread to your nose, it would not move. And when you exhale, try to exhale even slower than you inhaled.
  •     Drink a cup of cleansing Ayurvedic tea along with a teaspoon of herbal elixir (then wait at least 30 minutes with breakfast before the herbal preparations are well absorbed).

At the same time, we recommend light running or fast walking at least 3 times a week. Go to bed before midnight.

Diet During Cleansing

During the detoxification treatment, leave meat and dairy foods off the diet. If you are used to them, try to significantly reduce their consumption - this in itself will be a relief for the body. Also try to limit the intake of chocolate, cookies and sweets with white sugar. Replace these delicacies with fresh ones, or dried fruit without preservatives, unsalted nuts and fresh vegetables. Also keep an adequate supply of clean water and omit coffee, alcohol, stimulants and sweet lemonades from the drinks.

The cleansing process can bring about temporary side effects such as headaches, tiredness and limb heaviness. An uncomfortable feeling is associated with the excretion of toxins from the body. However, if you persevere, the cleansing treatment together with exercise and a light fresh diet will bring you more energy and firmer health.

Thank you for following our spring cleansing series. For the summer, we are preparing Ayurvedic recommendations for rejuvenation and revitalization of the body, the so-called "Rasayana" tips. Follow us and good luck!

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