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Regenerative & Relaxing Therapies

Winter is an ideal time for body regeneration, mental relaxation, self-reflection, inner awareness and meditation. In this part of the year with shorter daylight, we are more prone to be melancholic and experience feelings of sadness, loneliness, depression, tension and stress. Difficult life situations are important experiences that teach us how to understand ourselves better and how to bring more harmony, light, recreation, inspiration, smile, relaxation and peace into our lives.

Stress is the defensive mechanism of the body in the critical life situations. At times of danger, it causes an increased production of hormones, that help us to respond immediately to the situation under the slogan "fight or flee" in accordance with our constitution. If we do not consider stress to be a harmful matter but also a useful warning signal, that points out the necessity to make changes in our life-style, then we will be able to prevent its negative effects.

Stress Factors

Feelings of stress are caused by many everyday factors such as: hectic morning, traffic jam, aggressive rides, conflicting relationships, fear, annoying superior, accumulated tasks, time pressure, overwork or burnout syndrome. They result in the digestive and metabolic disorders, weight loss, fatigue and exhaustion, cardiovascular, nervous and reproductive system dysfunctions, weakening of immunity, muscular spasms and stiffness of the musculoskeletal system. Excessive stress causes irritation, difficult communication, and the feeling that nobody understands us.

7 Simple Tips for Better Stress Management and Healthy Relaxation:

1. Slow down your constantly busy rhythm of life.

2. Pay more attention to yourself, learn to relax and enjoy healthy sleep.

3. Prepare a hot bath.

4. Take care of your skin and rub it with sesame oil.

5. Regenerate the body with meditation, exercise, sport or in being with nature.

6. Read inspirational books.

7. Share quiet moments with people who understand you.

The Harmony of Opposites

According to the ancient Ayurvedic texts, the universe and the dynamics of its creation are based on the constant interaction of opposites. Behind all existence of life, there is the power of three cosmic qualities (sattva, rajas, tamas), from which twenty basic properties (gunas) derive. They are divided into ten opposing pairs (cold-hot, static-mobile, dry-oily, dull-sharp, heavy-light, soft-hard, gross-subtle, smooth-rough, liquid-dense, cloudy-clear) influencing our feelings and thoughts.

Their balance or imbalance affects our physical and mental state. Stress factors or situations greatly increase some of the opposite properties and thus provoke our reactions, which then disturb our balance from the normal state. The most effective method of reducing stress is to consciously cut down its factors and causes. Still, we are exposed to stressors that we cannot influence or eliminate every day. That is why we need to bring our psychosomatic constitution (vata, pitta, kapha) into natural stay of balance, thus enhancing the overall resistance of the body.

The Constitutional Balance of the Three Doshas

Each person has his own innate combination of doshas. Their persistent imbalance or significant aggravation are caused by improper habits and stereotypes, unhealthy diets, wrong food combinations, suppression of needs, emotional and psychological instability, frustration, and negative thinking. All this result in formation of waste toxic substances (ama) which are deposited in the bodily tissues and cause the imbalance of three biological humors (doshas).

If we can determine our psychosomatic constitution (prakriti) and also recognize our current dosha imbalance (vikrti), then we will better understand what our weaknesses and susceptibilities are. Then we can effectively change our diet and lifestyle to maintain good health, which is manifested by a moderate appetite, good digestion, regular excretion, clear voice, absence of pain, refreshing sleep, good appearance, psychological stability, energy, endurance, enthusiasm, serenity, peace of mind and compassion.