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Eyes & Visual Functions

Ayurvedic Home Therapy

  • ALOCHAKA optimises the quality of vision
  • NAYANAPRASH promotes good eyesight and improves quality of vision
  • AMLA drink ROSE favourably affects normal condition of eyesight and its content of vitamin C supports immunity and reduces fatigue

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This Ayurvedic regeneration treatment is suitable for optimizing visual functions and improving the quality of vision. The most common causes of declining vision are one-sided loading of the eyes in the form of bad habits such as reading on the abdomen, insufficient lighting, working at a computer or watching TV without regular breaks. Improper posture associated with sedentary work causes stiff neck, insufficient blood flow to the head and uneven loading of the oculomotor muscles. On this basis, neurological symptoms in the form of pressure and eye pain may develop, which reduce the comfort of vision. The quality of vision is also affected by mental tension, stress or lack of sleep, which results in headache, redness or burning of the eyes, dry eye syndrome, conjunctivitis and general fatigue.

Category: fatigue, pressure, pain, redness and burning of the eyes, dry eye syndrome, blurred vision, visual muscle weakness, myopia, farsightedness, conjunctivitis, optic nerve disorders, cataracts and glaucoma

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Hello, I am using your healing therapy BLOOD AND SKIN DETOXIFICATION for hemorrhoids and it's amazing. After a week, I was without difficulty. It's been the third week I've been taking the treatment, and still not a drop of blood. Miracle!

Hana, Nový Jičín

I ordered your products for my office to try and I was very pleased with the packaging and the overall good energy I felt after opening it. Thank you, I wish you all the best and good health in 2022.

Mgr. Vorel Luděk

We recently bought teas and elixirs from you...and it is a daily joyful ritual to brew and drink some together...thank you :), Your company gives us a very kind and trustworthy impression. Best regards Tereza.



Ayurvedic tea: let one teaspoon of herbal blend (cca 2g) simmer for 3–5 minutes or pour 250 ml of boiling water and allow 10 minutes infusion. 

Ayurvedic elixir: use 1 teaspoon (5g/teaspoon) 2–3x daily separately or with a cup of lukewarm milk or water. To prepare a delicious drink, mix 1 teaspoon (5g) in 8 fl oz (250 ml) of warm water.

Recommended Dosage

Recommended dosage of the Ayurvedic tea: 2 - 3 cups a day

Recommended dosage of the Ayurvedic elixir: 1 teaspoon ( 5g) 2 – 3 a day

Use in the morning on an empty stomach, during the day 1 hour before meal and at night before sleep.


How to use Ayurvedic teas

To serve as a remedy to enhance physical and mental functions, the Himalayan herbs are traditionally boiled for 3 - 5 minutes. Such decoction has a stronger effect, milder taste and positive influence upon our digestion, that enables proper assimilation of health-promoting extracts of the Himalayan herbs. The teas are drunk as a part of daily drinking regime for the period of duration of health disorders. When undertaking herbal therapy, the tea can be used for a period of 1 to 3 months in accordance with a daily dosage indicated on the particular label. Allow one-week pause after finishing each tea box.

We recommend using a maximum of two kinds of teas at the same time. For reducing symptoms of common ailments, more of the teas can be switched in daily or weekly periods. Such being the case, teas are drunk separately with one-hour interval. When drinking as a preventive, stimulating or supportive remedy, herb infusion is sufficient with unlimited period of use. For stronger health effectivity, teas are used warm before meal. The specific taste of each tea is a part of its therapeutic effect and corresponds to the Ayurvedic properties of six tastes. Thus, any kind of sweetener is not recommended.

How to use Ayurvedic elixirs

Ayurvedic herbal elixirs enhance nutrition of the bodily tissues (dhatus) and purification of bodily systems (srotamsi). They are part of the rejuvenating and revitalising therapy for body and mind (rasajana). Traditionally they are used with a cup of warm milk or water, commonly used in the Ayurvedic medicine as a medium or environment (anupama) for preparation, use, direction and better assimilation of the health effects of the herbal supplements. Other mediums that increase therapeutic functioning of herbs (vehikula) include honey, cane or raw syrup, clarified butter (ghee) or oil.

We recommend using maximum of two herbal elixirs at the same time. More elixirs can be switched in a day or week period in case we use them for normalising common symptoms of distorted balance of body or mind. For their optimal effect use only one elixir at a time before meal allowing one-hour time gap. For more complex therapy for body and mind restoration, elixirs should be used for a longer period of the Ayurvedic treatments from 1 to 3 months following dosage indicated on the label. Specific taste of each elixir represents part of its therapeutic functioning and corresponds to the Ayurvedic properties of six tastes.

For its sattvic properties, the Ayurvedic medicinal system recognises lukewarm or boiled milk as a common ingredient of health recipes. It decreases the heat of Pitta dosha and calms down turbulent emotions. It is also a substantial nourishment and a healthy tonic for people with predominant Vata dosha. The milk enhances formation of life-force ojas which is the essence of the healthy immune system connected with efficient presence of Kapha dosha. People with sensitive digestion or slow metabolism can suffer from digestive disorders after milk consumption. Being such case, put a little of ginger, clove, cardamom, cinnamon or nutmeg into the milk for improvement of the digestive fire. Organic milk is always preferable.

Dietary supplement. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Do not use as a substitute for a balanced diet. Store in a dry place under 25°C. Not convenient for children, pregnant and nursing women.


Himalayan Ayurvedic Tea Alochaka: 1 pc, Ayurvedic Nutritive Elixir Nayanaprash: 1 pc and Ayurvedic Hot Drink Amalaki Rose: 1 pc