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Ayurvedic Elixir for Healthy and Beautiful Hair

Treat your hair to deep inner nourishment with the best of Ayurvedic medicine!

Taken internally, Keshaprash Herbal Elixir contains the highly prized Ayurvedic herb Eclipta alba, or "Ruler of Hair", which strengthens scalp health, promotes hair growth and improves hair quality. In addition, it contributes to the proper functioning of the liver and gallbladder, whose functions are closely linked to nutrition and hair condition.

Keshaprash also has strong antioxidant effects, revitalizes the skin, strengthens the immune system, blood circulation and overall vitality of the body. This hair elixir has a rich formula that will enrich your hair with the best of Ayurvedic medicine. In addition to proven Ayurvedic herbs, it also contains amalaki fruit, grape juice, coconut, sesame and cashew nuts..

  • Take a teaspoon twice a day with a sip of milk, vegetable milk or water, or you can mix it in these liquids and drink it as a nutritious drink. We recommend it with organic milk, which helps the health-promoting effects of the elixir to be better absorbed by the body and softens its taste.

For successful hair regeneration and strengthening, we recommend using at least two packs. One pack lasts for 14 days. And if you would like to do an even more intensive hair treatment, try combining Keshaprash elixir with Bhringaraj tea, which you can drink at the same time and with which the effects of the herbs will strengthen each other.


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