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The main Message of Ayurveda for Good Health: Listen to Yourself!

The secret of physical health and good mental condition, which are the basic preconditions for strong immunity lies in the knowledge of one's individual constitution and the daily care of maintaining its balance.

Each person has an original setting of three life principles, which comes from the five basic elements. The first is a combination of air and ether - VATA dosha, the second is a combination of fire and water - PITTA dosha and the third is a combination of water and the element of earth in the form of KAPHA dosha. The five elements combined in the three basic life forces shape our physical body (Kapha), take care of the conversion of food and perceptions into energy (Pitta) and give space to all the life functions that they keep in motion (Vata).

Revealing which of them are more prevalent in us and shaping us as we are, including our character traits and health tendencies, provides us with a good guide on how to keep the individual forces in balance, ie in a ratio that is natural and proper to us. . Let's not be confused, this is, of course, different for each person. What does us good may not be wise for others. Therefore, the basis of Ayurvedic treatment is always the ability to listen to yourself and choose what is right for us.

We offer you a few simple steps:

  • Take the online orientation dosha test to help you determine your basic settings.

  • Read the characteristics of the dosha that predominate in you (vata, pitta or kapha), including recommendations for a suitable lifestyle, which keeps the individual dosha in harmony according to your test results.

  • Try to make the necessary changes to avoid bad habits that can cause chronic health problems in the long run. This can involve a change in diet, daily routine, work organization, appropriate leisure activities, as well as opening up to new thoughts and feelings on a mental and psychological level.

  • To restore balance, you can also try our Ayurvedic teas: VATA tea - with predominant vata dosha for warming and relaxation, PITTA tea - with predominant pitta dosha for calming and cooling the body and KAPHA tea with predominant kapha dosha for encouragement to activity and proper metabolism.

Read more about the basic Ayurvedic principles in our next article and learn about the deeper laws that underpin the functioning of the human body.

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