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Small Home Wellness For Autumn Time

Autumn increases energy of Vata Dosha, which can make us feel unstable, anxious and insecure. Incorporate a simple ritual into your daily routine to bring you back into balance and boost your immunity during the cold season.

Ayurveda + Yoga = Balance

Ayurveda and Yoga are two sister teachings that focus on bringing our mind and body into balance and enhancing their stability and health. According to Ayurveda, there are three primary doshas or biological energies. Just as each person has a doshic constitution that predominates, each season is dominated by one of the three doshas.

Autumn is the season of vata dosha, cool, dry, harsh, light, changeable and constantly moving. Wind, rain and falling air temperatures, along with the waning sunshine, greatly enhance vata energy and this can make us feel anxious, restless, tense and have difficulty concentrating. Physically we can suffer from weakened immunity, dry skin, dry hair and even constipation.

We can counteract the effects of too much vata in the body:

  • suitable diet, which should be richer in oils (sesame, almond, sunflower) and warming spices (ginger, cardamom, pepper, cinnamon,...)
  • regular practice of appropriate yoga asanas or meditation
  • regenerative therapy in the form of herbal Ayurvedic teas and supplements to support immunity.

Daily home wellness in 15 minutes

Create a simple daily ritual from the treasure trove of yoga and Ayurveda that won't take time, but when done regularly, will serve to maintain a healthy body and mind.

In the morning after waking up and/or in the evening, practice the grounding yoga exercise below for a few minutes, followed by a warm Ayurvedic drink made from Amla & Moringa to support immunity and increase resistance to stress. This small wellness package will take 10-15 minutes to complete.

Simple grounding yoga asana "Warrior I"

Yoga exercise Warrior I is designed for the autumn season and strengthens the earth element in the body, which reduces the instability and variability of vata dosha. Think of strength, stability and stillness as you do this, feel the ground beneath you and imagine yourself growing into the soil. Send the scattered energy from the mind down into the legs and feet.

How to do it?

We start on the mat by doing a roof - feet standing slightly apart, hands touching the mat, gaze directed in front of us. With a breath, step the right foot between the palms and with the next breath, pull the torso up. Arms up, palms facing each other at shoulder width or joined. Stand in a lunge on the right leg, the left leg is extended at the knee, the heel is on the ground.

Weight is evenly distributed on both feet, with hips facing forward. Do not bring the right knee in front of the right ankle. Strengthen the back and abdomen, pulling the shoulders down, but do not force the shoulder blades together. Push the chin in slightly.

Once we are settled into the position, we stay in it for a few conscious breaths. Then we place our hands on the mat again, bring the right leg back to the level of the left, and straighten back up to the roof. Remember to repeat the exercise on the left leg as well.

Before exercising you can pour a teaspoon of finely ground Amla & Moringa powder with hot water, add honey and a drop of lemon. During exercise, the drink will warm up nicely and be ready for easy drinking. The contained ground Amla heavenly fruit blend combined with Moringa oleifera will replenish vitamin C and antioxidants to your body. Since these are herbs with adaptogenic effect, they give the body strength and the ability to adapt and cope better with stressful situations. Amla significantly strengthens the immune system, promotes blood circulation and iron replenishment in the blood and helps with digestion. Read more about Amla in the article "Amla - the Heavenly Fruit of India" and about Moringa in the article "Moringa Known as the "Tree of Life" ". The drink will also give you energy and vitality for the busy pre-Christmas period.

So go ahead and have a wonderful autumn!

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