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AMLA - A Healthy Snack For Trips and Outdoors

Heavenly fruit Amla (or Amalaki) is a healthy snack that you can easily pack into your pocket or backpack wherever you go. It is the ideal companion for mountain hikes, running training and cycling or walking trips.

Fresh Energy And Vitamins That Will Make Your Journey to the Top Heavenly Easier!

Amla contains many antioxidants and vitamins, which deeply regenerate the bodily tissues. By using it, you support the formation of red blood cells, transfer more oxygen in the blood and thereby better oxygenate the tissues during physical exertion. This is also related to the fact that Amla helps to absorb iron into the blood, which in the form of hemoglobin serves to transport oxygen to tissues and organs such as the liver, heart and brain, and in the form of myoglobin, which has the same oxygenation function for muscles. Its deficiency weakens the strength and functionality of the muscles. 

Another invaluable advantage of Amla is its beneficial effect on the stomach and intestinal tract. Whether you don't like some food on your hike or feel nauseous from exhaustion, this magical fruit will settle your stomach and improve your digestion thanks to its tannin content. This is highly valued by climbers at high altitudes, where the body stops regenerating and loses the appetite, and the stomach is constantly as if on water. You can read more about the health effects of Amla in the article Amla - the Heavenly Fruit of India.

Put away your fatigue and gain strength for all your adventures!

Amla has a very positive effect on energy metabolism, i.e. the substance exchange in the body and is therefore a ready source of energy that reduces fatigue and exhaustion. It is easy to digest and its health-promoting substances are very well absorbed, which provides energy to replenish quickly when moving and balance the difference between energy input and output and to be able to set off for the next journey.  

A Healthy Snack Full of Vitamin C

However, Amla is best known for its high content of Vitamin C. 100g of Amla will give you as much vitamin C as if you ate 2 kg of oranges! And those are not good to wear on a trip... :) Vitamin C protects cells from oxidative stress, therefore slows down the ageing process and above all supports the optimal functioning of the immune system. As part of a regular daily vitamin C supplement, 100g of Amla is enough for about three days. However, if you need higher consumption of vitamin C, for example during sports or other physical or mental stress or illness and convalescence, you need to eat 100g of Amla per day. Amla can be used not only as a fruit snack, but also as an Amla drink or as an Ayurvedic elixir similar to marmalade. More about these methods is described in the article AMLA - User Guide



Enjoy the Joy of Movement With the Ideal Travel Companion - AMLA!


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