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Ayurvedic Nutrition Bar with Black Raisins, Ginger and Almonds

Enriched with Ayurvedic herbs such as amalaki, ginger, tulsi, vasaka, curcuma, long pepper and clove.

  • Emblica officinalis (amla) has a positive effect upon the digestive system
  • Favourably influences the stomach and intestinal tract functions
  • Vitamin C reduces exhaustion and fatigue
  • Contributes to the energy metabolism
  • Helps to protect the cells against oxidative stress
  • Supports immunity, physical performance and mental health

Food supplement

Authentic Ayurveda

Have a look at the preparation of Ayurvedic elixirs and hot drinks from the Amla fruit 

Price: 3,90 €

Nutrition bar Kapha is enriched with a balanced blend of Ayurvedic herbs that has a positive effect upon the overall fitness of people with Kapha predominant constitution. Learn the secrets of the three Ayurvedic constitutions or doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha - which determine each person's individual psychosomatic characteristics. Learn how to be in balance through proper nutrition for the Kapha constitution.

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For a healthy lifestyle, we recommend following a natural daily regime according to Ayurveda.

► Ayurvedic Daily Cycle

Recommended Dosage

1-4 packages a day


A healthy snack with Ayurvedic herbs - ideal for travelling, sports, school or work. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, contains no gluten, added sugar or preservatives.

Ayurvedic bar Vata is ideal as a healthy and nutritious breakfast, energy snack or light dinner.

Ayurvedic bar Pitta is best valued as an easy and quick filling on busy days without much time to eat.

Ayurvedic bar Kapha will delight you as a light and low-calorie snack during sports, fitness or diet.


amalaki (emblica officinalis), black raisins, jowar puffs, almond, ginger, tulsi (ocimum sanctum), vasaka, Himalayan salt, curcuma, long pepper, clove


50 g

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