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Ayurvedic Nutritive Elixirs

The Ayurvedic medicine recognises seven bodily tissues (dhatus) that are functional and building elements of the physical body. Their optimal functions depend on the quality of daily diet and a proper life style.

The 7 Bodily Tissues

The 7 bodily tissues (dhatus) are regularly nourished through the process of digestion. Nutritive phase of each tissue lasts 5 days and is in the following order:

  1. plasma (rasa)
  2. blood (rakta)
  3. musculature (mamsa)
  4. fat (meda)
  5. bones (asthi)
  6. nervous system (majja)
  7. essence of reproductive organs (shukra/arthava)

The human body is like a production line which processes the raw materials coming from the outside in a form of food. This is then transformed in such a way, so as to be usable in tissue build-up and body regeneration. The general health and vitality of the body, therefore, entirely depend on proper digestion, absorption and assimilation. These nutrients support regeneration and restoration of all seven bodily tissues (dhatus) in the ultimate phase of metabolism.