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Guide to Ayurvedic Teas & Cold Elixirs

We must admit that our Everest Ayurveda team has by far the richest experience with these types of teas and elixirs in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We would therefore like to share with you how and when we use them ourselves.

Capture the First Symptoms - be Vigilant and don't Underestimate Your Feelings

The Ayurvedic approach is based on conscious observation of the body and the natural ability of our body to return to the original state of individual balance. Many health problems, and this is especially true for colds, can be prevented easily, quickly and gently with the help of herbal preparations. It only depends on the ability to observe and evaluate your health in a timely and correct manner and to choose the most appropriate means. So we try to be vigilant and not underestimate our feelings.

Each disease has several stages, Ayurveda distinguishes 6 of them, and if we realise its initial stages, we have the greatest chance to turn it away (more about the stages of the disease below).

Stomach Upset

The first cold symptoms may not be manifested at all by a runny nose and scratching in the throat, but, for example, by the feeling that we do not feel hungry or have no appetite. This may be the first warning sign that our digestive fire (agni) is busy processing non-standard substances - often mucus and bacteria, which have increased disproportionately in our body. It weakens our immune system and life energy, so we may also feel tired.

So the basic rule is: do not eat unless you have an appetite!

The body needs to process these things and eliminate them, and therefore it needs space. If we flood it with food, we will only slow down and weaken this spontaneous cleansing process, which is to bring us back into balance. In particular, avoid dairy foods and sweets, which increase one of the three basic bioenergies of kapha dosha, the excess of which causes mucus.

In this first phase, try to skip one meal and brew ginger tea or hot Ayurvedic Drink Amla with Ginger and honey and eat a few pieces (marigolds) of dried Amla (Natural, Ginger, Cardamom). This will boost your digestive fire. You will then feel when you can start eating normally again. If you have an upset stomach, we recommend GUDUCHI Tea.

General Fatigue and a Harbinger of Illness

Along with an unusual feeling in the stomach can come pressure in the head, a muffled voice and general fatigue. At that moment, we recommend NAGARA Lymphatic Tea - it helps to stimulate the lymphatic system and supports a faster elimination of waste products from the body. At the same time, it strengthens the body defense. It is advisable to supplement it with proper spoons of Chyawanprash - an herbal elixir that removes toxins from the body, supplies energy, helps with digestion and strengthens the immune system and airway function, or a softer elixir Rasaprash, which supports the lymphatic system and vitality.

Tip: Ayurvedic Therapy Immunity Boosting

Cold Symptoms - Runny Nose, Sore Throat, Cough

This phase is called the "irritation" phase in Ayurveda - the cold symptoms have spread from a sunken abdomen and irritated the airways. We can now feel them in typical places, such as the nasal and frontal cavities, the neck, the vocal cords and the bronchi.

In case of blocked nasal and frontal sinuses, use DALCHINI Tea

In case of headache, dry irritating cough and hoarseness, use PRANA Tea

For sore throat, cough and affected bronchi, use TULSI Tea

For maximum and fastest effect, we recommend supplementing all airway teas with the Herbal Elixir PRANAPRASH.

Tip: Ayurvedic Therapy Nasal Cavities & Frontal Sinuses, Ayurvedic Therapy Throat Area & Bronchi

Elevated Temperature - Flu Symptoms

As soon as a cold, in addition to the already mentioned discomfort symptoms, also manifests itself in an elevated temperature, nothing can replace Ayurvedic KATPHALA Tea, which will convince you of its strength not only by its taste, but above all by its effects.

Keep in mind that in all cases of the mentioned teas, it is necessary to brew the tea for 3-5 minutes in order to have the strongest possible effect for these acute cases and thus be able to benefit you the most. Drink in the morning on an empty stomach and then at any time during the day. Our sales representatives often take brewed teas with them in a thermos and drink them during their travels.

If you perceive that it is a virus, which may also be accompanied by intestinal problems, fever and nausea, choose MANJISTHA Tea, our herbal antibiotic.

These teas also complement well with Chyawanprash, Pranaprash or the elixirs for the stomach and intestines Annaprash and Purishaprash.

Tip: Ayurvedic Therapy Fatigue & Low Energy, Ayurvedic Therapy Antiviral Care & Inflammation

The Cause of the Disease According to Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, the cause of every disease is a disturbed balance between the three basic biological principles (doshas), vata, pitta and kapha, which weaken the digestive fire (agni), which leads to the formation of toxins (ama). These toxins then accumulate in the form of gastric mucus, which causes stomach upset and decreased appetite. At this stage, clear symptoms may not yet appear, we only observe an increase in one of the doshas (the accumulation phase). In case of colds and problems with the respiratory tract, the fault is mainly due to the increased kapha dosha. Increased Vata can lead to bloating and an increase in Pitta to feelings of heat and hyperacid stomach.

Disruption of the balance of dosha - accumulation - spilling - irritation

If this phase remains unresponsive, due to improper nutrition, performing inappropriate activities and changes in weather, then comes the spilling phase. The raised dosha is moved and manifests itself in another place that irritates with its presence - the irritation phase. We then begin to experience the disease through clear symptoms such as cough, runny nose, sore throat, fever, etc.

Short-term use of suitable Ayurvedic teas and elixirs works very well and quickly if the disease is in these first three stages. However, if we ignore the long-term physical symptoms and weakness of our body, this long-term imbalance in the form of an outbreak of the disease then moves to the next three phases and usually turns into an acute and chronic disease, where body tissues are already damaged and restoration can be difficult. and not always successful. In such cases, with the right diagnosis, it is necessary to devote a much longer time to treatment, to be patient and to consciously change your lifestyle.

We hope that our years of proven experience will serve you.


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