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Japanese Rose


A traditional old-time fragrance good for silence restless mind. The incense supports the ability to concentrate and learn.

The price is per one roll which contains 40 incenses with 30 minutes of burning time.

Price: 6,90 €
per 1 roll

I regularly order Japanese incense sticks from you, which have a very pleasant and delicate scent. Our whole family and friends have been already keen on them. Thank you for the very fast delivery even during the hectic pre-Christmas period.


Hikali Koh and Kenmei Do is a collection of finest fragrances prepared according to traditional recipes of the best Japanese masters of incenses that take us into the world of art and poetry, scenic nature, beautious gardens and temples of the Japanese culture and awaken us to a natural sense of humility and loftiness.


After the incense ignition, extinguish the flame and let it smoulder on a fireproof pad!


flowers and leaves of Japanese rose, frankincense, leaves of Ho tree, fragrant herbs